About The Area


Govanhill has a long history of being a destination for displaced peoples – Irish, Jewish, Scottish Highlanders, Italian, even English and, more recently, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Eastern European. A big mix of cultures and languages.

The Govanhill People’s History project is a useful resource to find out more – and there’s an audio tour you can use as you walk around the area. (Or maybe you’re a long-time resident and would like to share your story?)

There are also wikipedia pages for Crosshill and Govanhill though both could be improved. If you know about the area, why not lend your expertise and update those pages?

More history at A Vision Of Britain, the BBC, Glasgow Living (9 little know facts), another BBC article,


New To The Area?

Main shopping streets are Victoria Road, Allison Street, Cathcart Road.

Schools: Annette Street, Holy Cross Primary, Hollybrook Primary, Holyrood Secondary …nurseries?

Community Meeting Places: Govanhill Neighbourhood Centre, Samaritan House, Dixon House, Larkfield Centre

Parks: Queens Park, Govanhill Park

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Many organisations in the area, covering environment, music, sport, faith, arts…

South Seeds – wonderful gardening/environment projects plus

Govanhill Baths – historical baths (closed), a community hub, arts venue and active project to reopen this public swimming pool. Get in touch if you’re interested in arts/craft, wellness or just meeting people.

Govanhill Housing Association

Govanhill Community Development Trust (GCDT) – dedicated to improving the area, also run an information centre in Allison Street

The Well / Community Renewal

Sistema / Big Noise

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Get Involved

Southside Happenings covers the whole southside but is well run and pretty comprehensive. Website not updated much now, facebook and twitter are more active

Govanhill Go (facebook page) – also on twitter – discussion forum for “positive things happening in the Govanhill area past, present and future.”


A few years ago, some research was carried out into the demographics of the area. While this should not be considered current data, there are useful findings in terms of who is in our community.