Govanhill Free Dinner

FoodThought invites you to our new weekly free dinners held in the big hall of Govanhill Trinity Church.

Drop in to our canteen and you should expect a hot plate of food like rice and beans and to sit and have a good chat with somebody you’ve never met. After you’ve had your dinner feel free to hang about and play a game of cards or have a cup of tea.

The meal is vegan (no meat, dairy or eggs) and will be nut free. Simple food to suit all.

For these dinners to remain free to those who need it we rely on a small amount of donations from those who can afford to pay. If you enjoy yourself please help us to keep it running by either putting some money in the donations box or helping us clean up at the end. We estimate that these dinners will cost around 80 pounds a week to put on. That 80 pounds will pay for food and bits & bobs. Govanhill free dinners will be run entirely by volunteers. Also, thanks to Govanhill Queen’s Park Parish Church(Trinity Building) and friends for providing the church hall for free.
We will aim to feed up to a hundred people each week, so there will be plenty room for you and your friends!

Every Monday 5-30 – 8 pm
Govanhill Trinity Church 28 Daisy Street

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