This page summarises our current issues and activities.


(these are long-standing issues we have been campaigning on for many years)

  • housing standards – too many residents in sub-standard housing, let down by irresponsible landlords and authorities that, up till recently, did not have the teeth or budget to resolve deep failures; there is both long-term and short-term action needed
  • safety – crime levels go up and down, but this heavily populated area has more than its fair share of crime; we work with Police Scotland and Community Safety to ensure these agencies have the resources they need (eg. CCTV, usefully located) and that they have policies that genuinely meet the needs of the area.
  • social cohesion – clearly we have a very mixed neighbourhood with many cultures and 50-60 different languages spoken, so there are massive challenges in successfully working together to be responsible towards our home environment and fellow residents.
  • cleansing – there is great concern about the amount of rubbish both on pavements and in back courts.
  • education provision – with a growing population alongside budget cuts, concern has been raised about whether the local schools can cope. Some children also seen to not be attending school.

Current Activities

CPG – a voice in the Scottish Parliament

Housing minister’s office (EEA)

liaison with Council on cleansing – challenging policies and pushing for higher service provision and faster response times.